Privacy policy Fit4Life

Fit4Life understands the importance of privacy to users. This Privacy Policy tells you what information we collect about you and about your use of Fit4Life and Fit4Life's services. This Privacy Policy explains your choices about how to use your personal information and how we protect it. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

This privacy policy applies to websites owned and operated by Fit4Life for consumer (non-professional) use for personal, home or household, non-commercial use. includes mobile optimized versions with information and services available to you through Fit4Life websites, such as Services.

This privacy policy also applies to the consumer-oriented version of Fit4Life. However, if you are an employee or health plan member who has given access to your health record at by registering at the website of your employer or your health plan. The privacy policy that applies to information on the employer's website or health plan still applies to your personal health record at If your employer or health plan account is no longer provided to you by your employer or health plan, you will continue to have access to your health information from Fit4Life. com, using the same username and password, but will be governed by this Privacy Policy.

Except as noted, the statements in this Privacy Policy for Fit4Life websites also apply to other groups associated with Dark Code Group. If you do not want us to collect, use or disclose information about you and your use of the Service as described in this Privacy Policy, you should not use the Service. By using the Service, you agree to Fit4Life's Terms of Use, which is the contract between us and the users of the Service. By Accepting Fit4Life's Terms of Use, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and Fit4Life Cookie Policy and that you agree to the use, disclosure, storage and processing. differs from your personal information in Vietnam or any other jurisdiction where we have the address.

References to "Fit4Life", "we" mean Dark Code Co., Ltd., including any company controlled or affiliated by Fit4Life Ltd. Fit4Life may share information between its subsidiaries or affiliated companies or websites that it owns or controls, but the information collected under this Privacy Policy is always protected by the Terms of this Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise noted in this Privacy Policy, Dark Code Co., Ltd. is the data controller that is responsible for processing your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Information is collected about you

Some of our Services (such as certain test questions or medical tools) do not retain personal information, while others (such as the Fit4Life Lab Test and Ovulation Calendar / Maternity and Healthy Goals Program in the Fit4Life App and some of our subscription-only apps such as Fit4Life Babies, Fit4Life Pregnant and Fit4Life Allergy) store your personal information under the Rights Policy this privacy. Even if you do not register or provide any personal information to Fit4Life, we will collect information about your use of the Fit4Life Website and Apps and the Services. We may also obtain information about our users from outside sources.

When you use the Service, we will collect the following information:


Although you may use most Services without a subscription, some Services require you to be registered with Fit4Life in order for them to function properly. If you choose to register or update an existing account with Fit4Life or access certain Services, you may be asked to provide certain personal information, such as name, address, phone number, gender, email address and date of birth and username and password to access your Fit4Life account. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the personal information you submit to Fit4Life.

Interactive service

Some of our Services, such as Fit4Life Symptom Checker Tool, are interactive and may ask you to submit health-related information, along with other information such as age and gender your. You are not required to register with Fit4Life to use the Fit4Life Symptom Checker Tool and if you are registered with Fit4Life we do not link the information you submit to the Symptom Checker Tool with subscriptions you provided earlier.

Email newsletter

Upon registration and at various times when you use the Fit4Life Website, you will be given the option to provide us with personal information in order to receive promotional newsletters / information - such as newsletters related to a specific health status - via email, phone messages and calls from Fit4Life and / or directly from a third party. From time to time Fit4Life may offer users of third party websites the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter through such websites. If you choose to subscribe to one of our newsletters on a third-party website, the website operator will provide us with the personal information you have provided in connection with your subscription request. We may use this Privacy Policy as if you provided it directly to Fit4Life. In the Fit4Life Topic Forum, if you enable email notifications for posts you have created or joined, you will receive an email for any activity on those posts. If you later decide that you no longer want to receive email updates, you can disable it by navigating to the Email Notifications section in the Topic Forums settings.

Email to a friend

If you use the Email to a Friend service to tell a friend about a feature on the Fit4Life Website or a newsletter, we will ask you for your name, your email address and your email address. friends. We will automatically send your friend an email once inviting him or her to visit the website using your name and email address as the "from" email address. Fit4Life does not use your friends' email information for any other purpose. We will only use the information you provide to send requested emails to your friends. We understand that prior to giving us your friends' email addresses, you have obtained their consent to receive the requested email. We do not encourage spam emails and will not take any responsibility for emails that are requested to be sent to your friends.

If you believe that one of your contacts has provided us with your personal information and you wish to request deletion of that information from our database, please use the Contact Us link. with us are provided at the bottom of every page of the Fit4Life Website.

Market research

From time to time Fit4Life may conduct online research surveys on behalf of itself and third parties through email invitations, pop-up surveys and online focus groups. online. When participating in a survey, we may ask you for your location, age, and if there is a sweepstakes associated with the market research survey, your name and contact information. for sweepstakes administration purposes. Information you submit in a survey may be used by Fit4Life for research and measurement purposes, as described below, including to measure the effectiveness of a content, promotion or program. Personal information you provide in connection with sweepstakes will be used for the sole purpose of administering sweepstakes and as required by applicable law. We will not knowingly invite individuals under the age of 16 to participate in market research. Market research surveys conducted by or on behalf of Fit4Life will contain links to this Privacy Policy.